Giveaway: E-Bike Adventure & Gourment Picnic
Receive a half day bike rental and picnic with 2 night minimum booking. Call us and mention coupon "Moustache" to redeem - (06) 8777 494. 
Our pedal assist E-bikes are luxury Moustache Bikes from France, with Bosch motors.
Your powered range will be between 100 - 140 km for the half day. This is huge when you consider the cycle trails comprise around 200 kilometres of smooth limestone trail.
Take a look at the maps at the bottom of this page to see the cycleway maps.
Your ride will take you along the edges of waterways, out to the coastline, past (and into) wineries, under small mountains and you may just find yourself at an authentic kiwi pub or two.
Your ride will start on the Karamu Stream, which is just off the back lawn of John's House & The Pavilion.
Once rolling you'll have your pick of the Tuki Tuki, Ngaruroro and Clive rivers taking in the beautiful fresh water and willow scent, and seeing pheasant, ducks, swan and geese as you ride by.
Cruising effortlessly with electric assist you'll make your way out to the coast, where you might pull up at the coastal wineries and cafes at Te Awanga and Haumoana.
Coastal wineries include multi-award winners Elephant Hill, Clearview and Beach Road. Need we say more!
Then get back on the limestone coastal pathway and head north from Te Awanga. This special part of the adventure will take you through extensive wetlands. These wetlands have been rehabilitated to their original splendour. Prepare to be amazed by the diversity in these sea-fed marshes. The native plantings, the swarms of native and introduced bird species. You’ll be sharing the space with local fishermen, crazy kitesurfers, kayakers, and other like-minded outgoing cyclists.
And yes - you're still riding on flat, wide and smooth limestone trails. After the wetlands you'll keep riding on coastal trails all the way to Art Deco Napier.
Or scratch that entirely, you'll come up with your own plan. We're only trying to give you a shallow dive into the opportunities for fun, adventure and romance (!) that await.
For a better idea of the possibilities, see the maps below. One shows you where John's House & The Pavilion is in relation to the cycleways. The other is a more detailed overview of the cycleways.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
- Nick & Judy Pattison, Host & Hostess of John's House & The Pavilion
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